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WellBeing Clinics are delighted to announce the launch of our new website which has been under construction for the past three months. It has a cleaner look, modern colour scheme with easier navigation and responsive sizing across all platforms – desktop pc, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Why not spend a few minutes having a nosey round? Give us feedback good and bad…does it all work as you would expect? Is there anything clunky? Have you found something that doesn’t do what it should? Call us, use chat or email us using the contact form to give feedback. Thank you.

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Wondering if Chiropractic could help you or some one you know? If you have any questions just call us on 01332 224820 we’re here to help.

Please note that if your enquiry is of a medical nature, our reception staff will take your details and arrange for Richard or Ian to call you back when they are available. We always aim to return your call on the same day.

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