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*Same day appointments may be available*

Initial Consultation Faq’s

If you are in pain and need help quickly we aim to get you booked in for your first consultation within 1 working day.  We may have same day appointments so please call us when we open at 8.20 am on 01332 224820 to check availability as appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like for example a specific time (e.g. we work late 2 nights a week) then you may well need to wait a little while as a new consultation takes quite a bit longer than a standard treatment and the late appointments are very popular for everyone.  Essentially the more flexible you are time wise for the first consultation the quicker we can get you seen.

Usually, yes. However the main purpose of the initial consultation is to gather as much clinical information as possible about the cause(s) of your problems, so that the right treatment or course of action can be decided upon. If time permits (and if it is appropriate) you will be treated at this visit. If this is not the case e.g. your history is complex or involved or you are in too much pain to examine safely, you will be given advice on how you can start to minimise the pain severity and you will be asked to return to start your treatment in a few days.

You will need to set aside just over an hour for your initial consultation as it consists of 15-20 minutes to complete your consultation paperwork (past medical history form including details of current medication and any recent investigations, consent form , etc.) , followed by an extended consultation appointment with your Chiropractor. Once your paper work is completed, your Chiropractor will collect you from reception and take you to his consulting room for your consultation.

Your Chiropractor will need to ask you details regarding what has brought you to our clinic and may also need to clarify details about your previous medical history too, if they feel it is relevant. You will be asked to describe your symptoms, how they came about and how they are affecting you e.g. things you can/can’t do and things that aggravate/alleviate your pain. You will be asked to clarify anything which is still unclear so that a full picture of your health can be established. The next step is to perform a thorough physical, hands-on exam which will consist of Chiropractic, Orthopaedic and Neurological tests to firmly establish your diagnosis – you may need to get changed for this and if this is the case, you will be given a gown and shown to a changing cubicle. Once the discussion and examination are complete, your Chiropractor will then take time to explain what he has found. Using simple, everyday language and with the help of analogies and 3D models he will help you understand what is causing your problem.

You will have time to ask questions and clarify anything you don’t understand. If it is then appropriate to treat you , your Chiropractor will explain what treatment will entail, how often you need to have your treatments and for how long, so you have a good idea of how much a course of treatment will cost. If you are happy to go ahead, he will seek your consent and treat you before you leave.

Occasionally, a patient may present with a problem that is not suitable for Chiropractic treatment. If this is the case with you, rest assured that your Chiropractor will be completely honest with you and will explain why they won’t be treating you. They will also seek your consent to write to your GP explaining what they have found so that you can contact your doctor and be confident that they are fully appraised of your Chiropractor’s findings.

You can come in your normal clothes. At the end of the case history we will advise you whether you will need to change into a gown – this will depend on what examination tests we need to perform to establish your diagnosis and also what treatment types we anticipate you will need for your problem. If you wear something loose e.g. a T-shirt/vest top with jogging pants/shorts/gym wear then we may be able to examine and treat you by just moving your clothes up/down a little. Wearing loose clothing may also be better for you if you are immobile or are in a lot of pain and find changing a problem.

At the end of the initial consultation we will advise you whether you will need to change into a gown on subsequent visits or whether we will be able to treat you without having to get fully changed. Rest assured, your dignity will be respected at all times and a gown will always be available if it is needed.

If you arrive by car we have ample, dedicated free parking. You will see the block paved parking spaces all located on one level, so you have easy access to the front door. All the spaces are located directly in front of the clinic itself. There are numerous light sensitive security lights on the exterior of the Clinic itself thereby giving good visibility and security.

WellBeing Clinics is located close to the A52, A38 and the Derby ring road, as well as being close to bus routes – how to find us. The train station is only a five minute taxi ride away for those who travel from further afield. Local taxi firms regularly drop patients off at the clinic and know the fastest routes to reach us. After your treatment, our staff will be happy to telephone a taxi if you wish. Of course this telephone call is complimentary.

Of course!  You can bring anyone into the room for moral support having two sets of ears can be helpful too!  Partners and friends will remember things that you may not, so feel free to bring someone along.

Yes.  All the major insurance companies cover Chiropractic treatment.  We will ask you to pay for your consultation and treatment as you go along and we will then provide a full receipt either hard copy or by email each time you come in (or at the end of a treatment episode if you prefer).  You can then forward it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

 Treatments Faq’s

Experienced Derby Chiropractors

This is sometimes very easy to answer, sometimes less so. Those of you with more recent problems usually settle far more quickly compared to those that are more long standing or have underlying health issues. Many factors affect how quickly you get better e.g. :

  • The older we are generally, the slower the healing time
  • Fitness – how much muscle strength and flexibility do you have? Do you need specific rehabilitation exercises for your problem?
  • Do you have co-existing underlying arthritis or other health issues complicating your problem?
  • What job you do i.e. what physical strains do you place upon the part that hurts? Do you sit all day at a computer or do you bend over/lift in a more manual job?

Notwithstanding these variables we always try to give you an idea of how long (and therefore how much) it is going to take for you to feel better. We will discuss with you whether we expect you to make a full recovery or, realistically whether you can expect to improve but always carry an element of your problem. This is important so that your expectations are discussed and understood.

Chiropractic care is covered by all the medical insurance companies, not just the major players, and we can provide you with a receipt (hard copy or .pdf by email) for your treatment so that you can send a copy to your you medical insurance company for reimbursement.

Payment Methods


Yes, we still take cash if you prefer to pay by this method!

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We accept all debit cards.  For your safety you can pay contactless.

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We accept most credit cards.  Sorry we do not accept American Express.

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