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Treatment Fees and Information

*Same day appointments may be available*

Your Initial Consultation and Treatment

The fees for the initial consultation and treatment (if appropriate/time permitting)

  • Adult £60
  • Child (under 18) £40

Our Derby Chiropractic Clinic is located close to the A52, A38 and the Derby ring road, as well as being close to bus routes – how to find us. The train station is only a five minute taxi ride away for those who travel from further afield. Local taxi firms regularly drop patients off at the clinic and know the fastest routes to reach us. After your treatment, our staff will be happy to telephone a taxi if you wish. Of course this telephone call is complimentary.

If you arrive by car we have ample, dedicated free parking. You will see the block paved parking spaces all located on one level, so you have easy access to the front door. All the spaces are located directly in front of the clinic itself. There are numerous light sensitive security lights on the exterior of the Chiropractic Clinic thereby giving you a sense of security and safety. This also has the bonus of providing clear lighting over the car park to further reduce any possibility of car crime.

You will find a warm and friendly environment to put you at your ease on entering the clinic. The clinic has a bright, modern colour scheme, which is complimented by designer lighting. All the seats throughout the clinic have been specially chosen for their ergonomic design in order to minimise your pain and discomfort, and maximise your ability to move from sitting to standing and vice versa.

As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed in reception by one of our friendly staff. Complimentary refreshments (freshly brewed coffee, tea, herbal teas, filtered water and biscuits) will be offered, and anyone accompanying you will be able to enjoy these whenever you come for your Chiropractic treatment. Once you are as comfortable as possible, one of our Chiropractic assistants will sit with you and note down some basic personal details for inclusion in your new file.

At this stage, you will be taken through your initial consultation pack and asked to complete your paperwork. Our staff will describe what each element covers and explain what you need to do to complete it, prior to collection by your Chiropractor.

Whilst in reception you will have access to a wide range of current magazines and daily newspapers to choose from. Just off reception are toilet facilities (disabled friendly) which also includes the baby changing facilities.

It is WellBeing’s policy for the Chiropractor to greet you personally in reception before taking you up for your first consultation. Once in the consulting room, a thorough and detailed set of case notes is taken, covering past and current medical information together with details of what has brought you to see us. Once this is complete, if required you will be shown into one of the changing cubicles, where you will change into one of the examination gowns (keeping your underwear on), designed specifically with comfort and modesty in mind. If we are able to examine you without changing then we will do so.

After a detailed case history your Chiropractor will then thoroughly examine you using a series of orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic tests to pinpoint the cause(s) of your pain. Your Chiropractor will use simple language throughout the examination so you know what each test is telling us. Once all the tests are completed, your Chiropractor will then sit down with you and:

  • Explain, using simple everyday comparisons, their findings and what is causing your pain/symptoms
  • Your Chiropractor will explain what treatment/course of action he advises

The initial consultation’s purpose is to gather as much clinical information as possible about the cause(s) of your problem(s), so that the right treatment or course of action can be decided upon. If time permits and only if it is appropriate you will be treated at this visit. Treatment is appropriate/possible for the vast majority of patients at their consultation. If this is not the case, you will be given advice on how best to minimise the severity of your pain e.g. do’s and don’ts, exercises to do or advice on whether heat, ice or over the counter medications may be of help in the short term.

Other course of action/recommendations

Referral for more information

For a small percentage of patients we need to have more information to pinpoint the diagnosis before your treatment can start. This is often a MRI scan. We are able to refer you directly for competitively priced, private MRI scans or back to your GP if you prefer. If you ask us to refer privately, we can have the result back very quickly. Once we have the results, we will contact you to arrange another appointment in order to explain the findings in detail (using simple language), and if appropriate, start your treatment.

Combined treatment approach

There are some occasions after your examination that the best course of action in our opinion is a steroid injection combined with Chiropractic treatments. In these few instances we can directly refer you to an Orthopaedic Physician – Dr Andrew Watson at the East Midlands back and joint clinic. He specialises in steroid injections in all manner of places head to toe.

Our reasons for recommending this combination of approaches will be explained to you and if you are in agreement, we will initiate the referral, with instructions to return for active rehabilitation and Chiropractic care after your injection. Of course some patients do not like needles and injections and we respect this – we are happy to treat you with the understanding your progress is likely to be slower than it may have been. It is always up to you to decide how you want to be treated.

Onward referral

Chiropractors are primary health practitioners. Our extensive training means we are able to differentiate between those conditions that are suitable for Chiropractic treatment and those that require medical intervention. If you are one of the small percentage of patients whose condition is not suitable for Chiropractic treatment, you will receive a quick referral back to your GP with a covering letter sent straight to the surgery. In urgent cases we will telephone your GP or instruct you to go straight to A&E with a hand written note.

Chiropractic care is covered by all the major medical insurance companies (not just the major players) and we can provide you with a receipt (hard copy or .pdf by email) for your consultation fee so that you can send a copy to your you medical insurance company for reimbursement.

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Follow up Treatments

Our experience allows us to give you an idea how many treatments you are likely to need to feel better and this will tell you how much your treatment is likely to cost. The fee’s for treatments are:

  • Adult £39
  • Child (under 18) £36

This is sometimes very easy to answer sometimes not so. Those of you with more recent problems on the whole settle far more quickly compared to those that have had problems for a long time, have had a number episodes over the years or have underlying health issues. Many factors affect how quickly you get better e.g:

  • The older we are generally, the slower the healing time.
  • Fitness – how much muscle strength and flexibility do you have? Do you need specific rehabilitation exercises for your problem?
  • Do you have co-existing underlying arthritis or other health issues complicating your problem?
  • What job you do i.e. what physical strains do you place upon the part that hurts? Do you sit all day on a computer or do you bend over in manual work?

Notwithstanding these variables we always try to give you an idea of how long (and therefore how much £) it is going to take for you to feel better. We will discuss with you whether we expect you to make a full recovery or, realistically whether you can expect to improve but always carry an element of your problem. This is important so that your expectations are discussed and understood.

Chiropractic care is covered by all the major medical insurance companies (not just the major players) and we can provide you with a receipt (hard copy or .pdf by email) for your treatment so that you can send a copy to your you medical insurance company for reimbursement.

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Payment Methods


Yes, we still take cash if you prefer to pay by this method!

Debit Card

We accept all debit cards.  For your safety you can pay contactless.

Credit Card

We accept most credit cards.  Sorry we do not accept American Express.

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