More Clinic Improvements!

How WellBeing Clinics looks is very important to us – both inside and out. For those who have not been in for a while we have changed the layout and updated the whole of the ground first floor reception area. New coats of paint in our distinctive clinic colour scheme, new reception desk and LED ceiling panel lights. (Tap/click the images to enlarge and swipe/use the arrows to view)

We also now have our amazing NovoTHOR Full Body PBM Therapy Light Bed on the ground floor in a ‘clean’ room just off reception (where reception desk used to be). Our NovoTHOR PBM Therapy Light Bed can treat all sorts of aches and pains and medical conditions head to toe – all at the same time! Many of the medical conditions it can help with fall outside the standard scope of Chiropractic so we are delighted to be able to offer this treatment. Why not have look at our PBM Therapy Clinic website to find more about the scientifically proven treatments we can now offer, head to toe.

It’s now time to turn our attention to the outside of the clinic for some TLC. In October last year we had the external security lightening replaced from Halogens to ultra-bright LED’s to bathe our large car park on those dark winter evenings. Don’t forget the clinic is still open two late nights (Tuesday and Thursday) every week!

So what’s new now?

External stone work being cleaned Cleaned external stone work

After clinic finished on Friday evening, Richard and Ian spent several hours pressure washing the front portico and the facing stone blocks of the clinic. The next job is having the portico professionally renovated. Please excuse the scaffolding for the next few weeks – don’t worry, clinic is open as normal.

The top stone work from above the columns will be removed. The flat root is being replaced with a new and improved damp proof membrane, new underside fascia fitted and finally the stone work re-seated with mortar to match the colour of the portico.

What’s next after that?

This summer the exterior woodwork including the windows will be painted to keep the clinic looking spick and span. The railings that surround our car park are due to be re painted as well.

Then this coming autumn/winter the first floor where Richard and Ian’s rooms are located will be redecorated too.


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Derby Chiropractor Ian Reed and co-founder of WellBeing Clinics Derby. Ian was the first person to graduate from the AECC University College with degree class ‘distinction’ and achieve the top student prizes for ‘best academic student’ and 'best clinician'. Ian has over 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating all manner of aches and pains literally from head to toe. He specialises in helping patients with long term complex pain problems (often where other treatments have failed to help) as well as new acute problems.

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