Mask Wearing and Keeping Everyone safe

Face mask

Although July 19th is the official day to end wearing masks in public areas we are following Public Health England (PHE) guidance for medical clinics, health centres and hospitals.  For your protection and the protection of others you will STILL NEED TO WEAR A MASK when you are in our clinic.

What are we still doing to help keep you safe?

WellBeing Clinics is ‘Covid-19 Compliant’ which means:

  • All staff members have been fully vaccinated against Covid 19 (x2 doses)
  • Ian and Richard are still working in PPE as per PHE guidelines
  • New PPE is put on for each patient
  • All members of staff are wearing face masks/visors and following strict COVID protocols
  • You will be asked to use our World Health Organisation (WHO) compliant hand sanitiser (formula 2) on entering the clinic using our ‘touchless’ dispenser
  • Doors internally are kept ‘wedged’ open so you do not have to touch them. The treatment room door is opened and closed by your Chiropractor for the same reason
  • All surfaces in the clinic are sanitised regularly throughout the day with sanitising products that are WHO approved to kill COVID-19, as well as other viruses and bacteria
  • Between each patient the treatment benches and surfaces are sanitised (as per PHE guidelines)
  • When booking appointments at the front desk the reception area is large enough for you to stand or sit more than 2m from our staff and other visitors.
  • We accept contactless forms of payment – cards and apple/android pay
  • For those who can’t pay contactless we still accept card and cash payments and have sanitiser to use after touching the PDQ machine keypad

Our Clinic procedures to create a Covid-19 compliant working environment are regularly updated in line with the latest PHE advice.

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