PBM Therapy What is it?

Photo Biomodulation Therapy – or PBM Therapy for short (as its long name is a mouth full!) is a treatment method based on proven scientific evidence. There are 700+ random controlled trials (RCT’s) and thousands of published articles in respected journals worldwide proving PBM Therapy can:

  • Treat pain
  • Reduce/remove inflammation
  • Reduce/remove swelling
  • Promote tissue repair

Watch the 2 minute video to find out more…and read the post below

Struggling with pain?

Have you (or someone you know) had treatment that has only helped your pain a bit or not helped at all? Perhaps you have been told that nothing can be done to help you? The Chiropractors at WellBeing Clinics are well aware of the benefits that a hands on approach to pain can have but also for some, it has limitations. Hands on:

  • May be not appropriate if you have underlying medical conditions e.g. osteoporosis (brittle bones) or you are in too much pain, or you are too old or arthritic for this approach
  • Does not suit everyone – sometimes no matter how gentle manual treatment is, it can still be too painful for you
  • Does not work for everyone

What about exercises ? These can be hard to do, too painful to do and again with mixed results. Pain relieving medications can have nasty side effects and may react with other medications you are taking so are therefore contraindicated.

PBM Therapy for pain

Benefits of PBM Therapy

  • PBM Therapy has no known side effects
  • PBM Therapy does not hurt at all – it is completely painless!
  • PBM Therapy is safe to use with your current medications
  • PBM Therapy is suitable for all ages, young and old
  • PBM Therapy in our clinic can help when other treatments have not worked or are not suitable
  • Maintains socially distant treatments in PPE

Want to find more about the benefits of PBM Therapy?   You can find more out here pbmtherapyclinic.co.uk

PBM Therapy – Science Fact Not Science Fiction

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About The Author

Derby Chiropractor Ian Reed and co-founder of WellBeing Clinics Derby. Ian was the first person to graduate from the AECC University College with degree class ‘distinction’ and achieve the top student prizes for ‘best academic student’ and 'best clinician'. Ian has over 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating all manner of aches and pains literally from head to toe. He specialises in helping patients with long term complex pain problems (often where other treatments have failed to help) as well as new acute problems.

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